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Times Online

The club has a database program - Hy-Tek Team Manager - for times, gala results, and records. Part of this is available to view on line so that you can see what your current best times are and also have a look at other time based data. Follow the link above to view the data. A screen shot and help tips on its use is shown below.

Data is maintained by Ian Richards. If you have any queries on times contact Ian by email Any issues with web use send to

hytek database view


  1. Home: Start Page
  2. Athletes: View your own (or others) times by stroke with history
  3. Teams: See how you compare to your friends and rivals
  4. Meet Results: View Results by Meet
  5. Entries: Gala Entries - not yet available
  6. Records: Club Records - not yet available
  7. Standards: Swimming Grading - not yet avaialable
  8. Help: Hy-Tek on Line help

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