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Meeting with Stephen Mosley MP re Chester and Ellesmere Port Development

David Burgham, Richard Prossor & our Olympic Water Polo player, Fiona McCann, met our local MP Stephen Mosley on 9th November to discuss future facilities in both Chester and in Ellesmere Port. The meeting went well and Mr Mosley made mention that he had already had a meeting with Chester Triathlon Club. Mr Mosley has agreed to support the three areas as set out and he will write to the CWaC to this effect. It was appreciated that Fiona added her support and has offered to help again should we need her to.

The three areas which we requested his support:

  1. Refurbishment of the City Baths with the requirements of existing users being considered as a priority so that our Learn to Swim and the majority or our swim training and water polo sessions can continue to be based at there.
  2. A 50 metre, deep competition pool at the Sports Village, with spectator facilities to enable swim meets and water polo matches to be hosted and to provide long course training for squad swimmers as well as deep water training for water polo.
  3. If a 50 metre competition pool cannot be provided, a 25 metre long, deep competition pool with good spectator facilities and room poolside for officials, marshalling and swimmers.

He also agreed that the Club should be consulted as should the Triathlon Club as part of the procurement by dialogue process being untaken by CWaC for the refurbishment of the City Baths.