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City of Chester Swimming Club Prepare for the Cheshire County Championships

Feb 2011Caleb St Hill, Coach Don Bailey, and Georgia Williams


With the Cheshire County Swimming Championships being held over the final two weekends of March, Swimmers from the City of Chester of Swimming Club (COCSC) are busy training for the competition.

The COCSC has 36 Swimmers who have achieved the qualification standard in over 200 events across 50m to 400m distances. The ages of the Swimmers range from 9 to 18 with two of the youngest qualifyers 10 year olds Georgia Williams and Caleb St. Hill competing in 7 and 10 events respectively.

In addition to the County Championships, there is a meet at Wrexham on Sunday 20th March with 28 COCSC Swimmers competing. For many this is their first competitive experience away from the City Baths and they will be hoping to secure times that will enable them to enter future competitions.

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