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October House Gala Results

In the House Gala held on October 2nd a large number of the children taking part were attending their first gala, the teams were well supported and the first race [Backstroke] got underway, by the end of the gala 6 Gold Speed Award times, 17 Silver and 19 Bronze times were achieved.

Place Team Points
1st Dolphins 158 points
2nd Penguins 145 points
3rd Seals 125 points
4th Otters 121 points
5th Beavers 116 points
6th Sharks 115 points
Accumulated Results
Place Team Points
1st Sharks 409 points
2nd Dolphins 403 points
3rd Otters 397 points
4th Penguins 395 points
5th Beavers 387 points
6th Seals 385 points


8 year olds achieving one or more Speed Award times were Jessica Graham [Dolphins], Charlotte Carswell [Penguins] Harvey Rowlands [Otters] and Daniel Attwater [Sharks]

9 year olds achieving Speed Award times were Jessica Hall [Beavers] India Nellist, Matthew Sutton and Sam Hair [Dolphins], Anya Bertram, Gemma Davies & Katie Ford [Otters], Thomas Ashcroft [Seals], Daniel Attwater, Abbi Goodfellow & Sophie Newman [Sharks]

10, 11 & 12 year olds gaining Speed Award times were:

Beavers: Emilia Stewart, Imogen Golding & Sean Thomas
Dolphins: Elise Hadfield Jones, Emily Veitch, Molly Clark, Francesca Cosme, Jessica Jones & Emily Titlow
Penguins: Alice Hewitson, Edward Campbell, Ella Johnson, Olivia Aylward, Olivia Halewood, James Campbell & Ben Chaddock
Otters: Eleanor Reeves, Aileen Cook, George MacFarlane & Jessica Brown
Seals: Anna Banim, Gemma Southall, Maisie Eddleston, Megan Duffy & Eamonn O’Connell
Sharks: Charlotte Smith, Emma Taylor, Megan Partington, Oliver Irvine, Fiona Edge & Sam Hassall

Points are really close and the overall winning team for 2011 is there for the taking!