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Final House Gala Results - Otters win by a point

house gala

Final Positions

Place Team Points
1stOtters613 points
2nd Sharks 612 points
3rdDolphins 607 points
4thBeavers 568 points
5thSeals 532 points
6th Penguins 523 points



House Gala Report November 2011

City of Chester Swimming Club held the final House Gala of 2011 for the younger swimmers in the Club’s competitive squads and also the top end swimmers from the Club’s learn to swim programme. Invited swimmers have achieved Stage 5 upwards of the Amateur Swimming Association’s National Swim Awards and this is a good starting point on the road to competitive swimming where the children gain experience of racing in their home pool before competing away from Chester.

Accumulated points from 3 galas held during the year and the gala held on 27th November resulted in the Otters Team taking the overall title of Champions for 2011. They gained a total of 613 points, this was a very close finish with Sharks hot on the tails of the Otters team with 612 points. Not far behind were Dolphins who finished with 607 points to take 3rd place. Beavers finished 4th with 568 points, Seals 5th with 532 points and Penguins 6th place with 523 points.

The children rounded off the afternoon with some fun relay races using woggles, sinkers to dive down for, balloons and a raft race.

In addition to gaining points for their teams the children are timed for swimming a length of the pool [Backstroke, Breaststroke and Front crawl] and these times are then compared to the ASA Speed Bronze, Silver & Gold Awards.

James Seddon Plant and Fiona Edge, both 11 years of age had an outstanding afternoon gaining Gold times in all 3 strokes.

Other swimmers gaining Gold times
Backstroke: Emily Veitch, Jessica Jones & Sam Hassall
Breaststroke: Martha Marbrook Vout
Frontcrawl: Sam Hassall

Seven swimmers gained Silver times in all 3 strokes: Harriet Alexander, Laura Craig, Sean Thomas, Jasmine Yeoman, Jessica Brown, Mia Loftus and Ben Taberner

Other swimmers gaining Silver times
Jessica Hall, Emilia Stewart, Martha Marbrook Vout, Jessica Graham, Louise Walker, Matthew Sutton, Sam Hair, Elise Hadfield Jones, Emily Veitch, Molly Clark, Francesca Cosme, Emily Titlow, Charlotte Carswell, Olivia Halewood, Ben Chaddock, Annabel Morris, Gemma Davies, Katie Ford, James Dring, Millie Murray, Gemma Southall, Megan Duffy, Joe Hutcheson, Sophie Newman, Megan Partington, Oliver Irvine and Sam Hassall.

Some of the above swimmers also gained Bronze times and were joined by Alfie Martin, Catriona Drew, Imogen Golding, India Nellist, Sascha Vranch, Lizzie Clutton, Alice Hewitson, Ella Johnson, Harvey Rowlands, Holly Grainger, Keira Burke, George MacFarlane, Jacob Brown, Holly Smith, Noah St Hill, Ellie Ann Thackray, Nicole Edge, Thomas Ashcroft, Sorrel Walsh, Jade Clark, Daniel Attwater, Eden Hambleton Davies, Sidonie Attwater, Abbigail Goodfellow, Abbie Bennion & Charlotte Smith.

Many other youngsters aged 8 – 11 years also took part and now have times to beat when the next gala’s start in 2012. Well done everyone!



Penguins 2nd


4th & 6th


4th & 6th


Sharks 3rd


Otters 5th