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First House Gala Results

The Club held the first House Gala of 2011 with 68 children from the lesson programme and early competitive squads taking part. Some of the children took part for the first time and an exciting challenge between the teams resulted in the Seals team winning by 16 points.

Place Team Points
1stSeals 157 points
2ndOtters 141 points
3rdBeavers 137 points
4thSharks 133 points
5th Penguins 111 points
6th Dolphins 110 points

Individuals who finished first in their age groups [age on 31st December] were:

Jessica Graham [8 years]; Connor Hone [9 years] and Serena Grace [12 years] put in some outstanding swims being the overall fastest swimmers for their respective ages in all three events in Backstroke, Breaststroke and Front crawl.

Following closely behind were Phoebe Thwaite [10 years] and Ben Cartwright [11 years] who were overall fastest in Backstroke & Front crawl with Ben adding a third place in the Breaststroke.

Overall second places in their age groups went to Matthew Sutton, Sophie Newman, Georgina Grace, Joshua Smith, Holly Parkinson, James Campbell, Paige Cox,
Jessica Proctor Crozier, & Grace Minion.

Third place overall in individual age groups went to Sophie Newman, Charlotte Carswell, Christopher Hooper, Thomas Rowlands, Harriet Alexander, James Campbell, Amber Disley,
Paige Cox, Andrew Shortall & Olivia Moreton.

Well done to all the children who took part and the parents who volunteered to help run the competition.