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City of Chester Swimming Club Shone at Wirral Metro

There were medals and personal best times in abundance when 34 swimmers from City of Chester came away from the Wirral Metro gala in the last weekend of June. They collected 78 medals between them and over one hundred personal best times. In one of the last galas of the season Chester came away being one of the best performing teams over the weekend.

Matthew Breen 15 won silver for 50m Butterfly.

14 year old Lauren Goodfellow claimed 2 gold medals in 50m and 100m Backstroke;2Silver medals for 200m Backstroke and 200m Individual Medley, and 2Bronze for 50m and 400m Freestyle. Lucy Davies won 2 Bronze medals for 50m Breaststroke and 200m Individual Medley. Jack Edwards also 14 was awarded 4 Silver medals for 50 and 100m Freestyle, 50m and 200m Breaststroke and Bronze for 100m Breaststroke. Kyle Stubbs won Gold medals in 100m Freestyle, 50m and 100m Backstroke and Silver medals in 200m and 400m Freestyle, 200m Backstroke and 200m Individual Medley. Ben Jenkins claimed Gold medal for 400m Individual Medley.

In the 13 year old boys William Brown collected 3 Gold medals for 50m Freestyle and Butterfly, 400m Individual Medley; 5 Silver for 50m and 200m Breaststroke 50m Backstroke and Breaststroke and 200m Individual Medley; and 2 Bronze medals for 200m Breaststroke and Freestyle. Lewis Franks and Alex Hackett won a Gold and Silver medal each for 100m Freestyle and 100m Backstroke, and 50m and 200m Breaststroke respectively.

In the 12 year old girls Charlie Hopwood and Lucy Osborne won Silver medals for 100m and 400m Freestyle respectively. Kelly Davis won Bronze for 100m Backstroke. Caleb StHill 12 won 3 Gold medals for 400m Freestyle, 200m Butterfly and 100m Breaststroke; 3 Silver medals for 400m Individual Medley, 50m Butterfly and 200m Breaststroke ; and 2 Bronze medals for 50m Backstroke and 200m Backstroke. Not to be out done Thomas Townsend also 12 won 3 Gold medals for 50m and 100m Freestyle and 100m Butterfly then 2 Bronze medals for 100m Backstroke and 400m Individual Medley.

Georgia Williams age 11 won 4 Gold medals for 200m and 400m Individual Medlay, 200m Butterfly and Freestyle; 2 Silver medals for 50m and 100m Butterfly ; and Bronze medal for 100m Backstroke. Sophie Clarkson also 11 won Bronze medal for 200m Backstroke. In the 11 year old boys Christopher Hooper won Silver medal for 50m Backstroke and 3 Bronze medals for 50m and 100m Breaststroke and 200m Butterfly. Thomas Rowlands won 2 Bronze medals for 200m Individual Medley and 100m Freestyle.

10 year old Millie Riddick won Gold medal for 200m Freestyle and 2 Silver medals for 50m Breaststroke and 100m Freestyle. Leah Gough claimed 2 Silver medals for 100m Butterfly and 50m Backstroke, and a Bronze medal for 200m Butterfly. Connor Hone also age 10 won Gold for 100m Butterfly, and 2 Bronze medals for 100m Breaststroke and Backstroke.

9 year olds Jessica Graham and Sam Hair swam in one of their first external galas. 11 year old Emily Veitch, Mia Loftus and Rebecca Pemberton also swam well on the day. 12 year old Amber Disley and Mia Loftus gained 3 and 2 personal best times respectively. 13 year old Claudia Miller, 15 year old Katie Morgan and 17 year old Rachel Stevens all swam well to gain some important personal best times.

Chief Coach Mike Price Richards was very impressed with the quality of the swims and the amount of personal bests times achieved across the weekend. It can only bode well for the future.