City of Chester Swimming Club

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Membership & Fees

City Baths activities are run on a membership basis and are not pay as you go. If you need more details about how to join any activity within the club please contact the Swimming Club office. The office is open during the evenings, Monday – Friday and Saturday mornings. There is no one available during the day to take calls, but you can leave a message on the answer machine and we’ll call you back. Alternatively you can contact us by email

Telephone Number 01244 317300.

The Annual Club Membership fee of £20 has now been incorporated into the monthly training/session fees for all club activities. The City Baths is run by Chester Swimming Association [CSA] who we hire the pool from. All our members are required to be members of the CSA and this is also incorporated in the monthly training/session fee.

Monthly fees [per person] 1st October 2012 - 30th September 2013
Silver £28.00 [excluding ASA registration fee]
Gold £32.00  “
Sprint£30.00  “
Jnr Development£59.00  “
Jnr Performance£59.00  “
Performance£71.00  “
Water Polo£24.00  “
Children's Lessons
Development class [1 x 1 hour] £24.00Exempt from ASA registration
Learn to Swim [1 x 30 mins] £14.58* Exempt from ASA registration - * price based on no. of lessons within course
Non-Competitive Adult Sessions
Dolphins squad£27.00 [excluding ASA registration fee]
Adult Learn to Swim £16.00[ASA registration not required]
Swim Fit £16.00  “
Adult Leisure/Masters £15.00[excluding ASA registration fee]
Adult Leisure£14.00  “
Early morning£25.00  “

Families who have three or more members taking part in Club activities receive a discount of 10% off the above monthly session fees.

If a member attends more than one activity there is a reduction as the monthly fee includes Club membership and membership to the Chester Swimming Association [CSA]. Please contact the Club office for these amounts.


Preferred method of payment is standing order - if you do not already pay by this method and wish to pay by this method, please ask for a form from the Club’s office.
Cheque: All cheques are payable to: COCSC. Please write the name of the member on the back of the cheque particularly if the last name is different.
Cash: If you pay cash this must be paid when the Club’s office is open, please do not put cash in the Club’s post box. The office is in the passageway beyond the café and is usually open in the evenings and Saturday morning.


Amateur Swimming Association [ASA] registration is not included in monthly fees and is collected in December along with the North West Regional and Cheshire County Swimming & Water Polo Association affiliation fees.

ASA, NW Region, and County Fees due for the period 1st January – 31st December 2013
Category 1 £14.10 Members of Dolphins, Masters, Adult Leisure and Early morning swimming sessions who do not compete or only compete in low level ASA Masters meets and lower level Water polo matches.
Category 2 £31.70 All members of competitive swimming squads and those who compete in ASA competitions and ASA Water polo matches.
Category 3 £10.70 Covers teachers and coaches, swimming officials and volunteers

Membership Secretary: Irene Sheppard